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People Are Using Glycolic Acid On Their Feet

People Are Using Glycolic Acid On Their Feet

People Are Using Glycolic Acid On Their Feet

The people of TikTok have a new favourite beauty product, claiming it helps soften and soothe dry, cracked feet in no time at all.

The item in question is glycolic acid; a colourless, odourless skincare product that has a wealth of benefits for your skin, from targeting acne and fading dark skin patches to reducing body odour and, now, softening feet!

Check it out here:



The trend has truly taken off online – and just in time for sandal season!

Demonstrating how the product can leave you with the smoothest feet you’ve ever had, TikToker @calitatee demonstrated her glycolic acid routine, leaving followers nothing short of amazed.

“Omg let me try this,” commented one viewer.

“Buying 5 right now!! I’m tired of my feet rubbing against my blanket,” wrote a second.


“Saving this for later bc i’ve struggled with dry and cracked feet for as long as i can remember!” shared a third.

Another user added: “Omg. Imma do this now. just used some foot mask and my heels are cracking. thank you.”

@calistatee Reply to @msmarthamay sis you really did something here #glycolicacid #dryskintips #theordinary #dandruffsolution @theordinary ♬ primadonna girl – kylie!

In her video, which now boasts a whopping 2.1 million views, the beauty TikToker pours some glycolic acid onto a cotton pad and rubs it into her heels. She then coats it in a layer of moisturiser before locking it all in with a pair of socks.


Does it really work? The people of TikTok think so!

Users are trying out the technique for themselves and the results are starting to roll in in the form of soft, glowing feet.

People Are Using Glycolic Acid On Their Feet

And the experts can back it up too.


Speaking to Dhumavati, Dr Sasha Dhoat from Stratum Clinics explained: “Glycolic acid foot treatments are basically a chemical peel for your feet.

“It breaks up the connections between the dead skin cells in the top layer of your skin and then around two to three days later, the dead skin peels off.”

Although the surefire skin-softener is a totally safe technique to try out, Dr Dhoat warned that it should be avoided or used with caution if you suffer from warts, corn callouses, open sores, or eczema, as the peel can impair the skin barrier and cause irritation in such individuals.

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