Home Beauty You can get paid £250 to test fake tan

You can get paid £250 to test fake tan

You can get paid £250 to test fake tan

You can get paid £250 to test fake tan

Fake tan is one of the most popular beauty treatments on the market, and now you could get some cash for testing out some serious sun-kissed glows. 

This is because Justmylook is looking to employ two fake tan fans to test their products, providing that they have ‘an eye for detail and can spot any streaks or strong smells.’


The job description adds that successful candidates must also be able to ‘rate and review a range of fake tan brands including the likes of Bondi Sands and Cocoa brown (to name a few).’


They must also ‘be willing for us to share your results on social media’.

The successful applicants will be paid £250 for their time and, naturally, they will be allowed to keep all of the products that they test as well.

You can get paid £250 to test fake tan

However, it is worth noting that in order to be eligible, you need to be over 18 and live in the UK and have a UK address.


If this sounds like your dream job and you meet the criteria, applications are open here until September 30.

Meanwhile, in other fake tan news, a new magic scrub that removes fake tan in just 10 minutes is receiving rave reviews.

Namely, Rose and Caramel’s Purity Excel 60-second tan remover.

The rave reviews have been doing the rounds on TikTok, where one user wrote: “Ok this is the best tan remover I’ve ever come across… I’m obsessed.”


The product itself will set you back £29.99 per 440ml tub or £19.99 for 200ml. 

You can get paid £250 to test fake tan

While this isn’t cheap, apparently the tubs contain a surprising amount of the product, with another social media fan adding: “it may seem a bit steep but the tub is surprisingly big.”

Views showing off the remover’s effectiveness have been particularly popular on TikTok, where users are thanking each other for recommending the product.


“This was recommended through TikTok,” said one reviewer. “As someone who uses ultra dark fake tan and never found a tan remover that works, I was sceptical. 

“This stuff is amazing! The tan wipes off my body in a few swipes after only 3/4 days, what more could I ask for? It also smells unreal!”

You can get paid £250 to test fake tan

Another happy customer added: “I’ve had disappointing results with tan remover in the past (and this was from the well-known market leader) but this stuff actually works!”


Meanwhile, a third advised: “I made the mistake of not leaving it on long enough first time, but on the following attempt I left the granular, jelly-like gunk on for a few minutes (it recommends three) and the false tan came off relatively easily with an exfoliating mit.”

So, if you happen to apply for the testing job and are successful, make sure you’ve got this highly-recommended remover to hand too.

Featured Image Credit: Darya Lukoika / Alamy Stock Photo/Instagram/Bondi Sands

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