Home Life Woman Opens Up On Her Journey Detransitioning

Woman Opens Up On Her Journey Detransitioning

Woman Opens Up On Her Journey Detransitioning

Woman Opens Up On Her Journey Detransitioning

A woman has bravely opened up about her journey detransitioning from life as a transgender man back to a cisgender woman on TikTok.

Sam, 26, is from the midlands, and she explained why her existence doesn’t invalidate trans people and shared her advice to someone else thinking of detransitioning. Watch below:


As part of her transition, Sam went on hormones and had a double mastectomy, however, she realised that she had made a mistake just two years later.


She said the transition process doesn’t work for everyone, and she realised that herself when she began to experience medical complications.

Sam now wants people questioning their gender to get more therapeutic support, as she was able to begin transitioning after just two hours of therapy, as reported by the Daily Mail.

She is now sharing her story to highlight that not everyone with gender dysphoria transitions, but she insists that she remains a trans ally despite her experience.

Sam explained: “I have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, however, I don’t currently identify as anything other than my birth sex.”


Woman Opens Up On Her Journey Detransitioning

Replying to another person who transitioned to male but wants to return to life as a cisgender woman, she said: “Turning around and saying, ‘I’ve actually changed my mind’, or ‘I’ve learned something new about myself and this isn’t how I feel anymore’, that’s hard.

“But I’ve been there and I really want to help.

“In terms of the logistics of coming out as detrans, I think a commenter even said this, just come out like you came out as trans.”


She then advised this TikTok user to have a think about the language they will use when making their request known.

“You might want to say, ‘I made a mistake, I was wrong about this’,” she said.

Sam then offered an alternative suggestion that framed the experience in a positive light.

“But you might [also] want to say: “Going through this has taught me that I can live happily as my birth sex and I am so delighted to know this about myself.”


Woman Opens Up On Her Journey Detransitioning

Sam explained in another video that she first identified as non binary when she began to detransition, as she felt like it gave her a safe space to ‘explore’ her gender.

“Non binary identities are absolutely valid and don’t always mark someone who is in the process of moving towards another place,” she added.

However, the pressure she felt to identify as non-binary eventually dissipated when she found other detransitioners and learned about their stories.


She said they taught her she could be a woman again despite her medical transition.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok: @detransitiondiscovery

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