Home News Woman's Garden Wedding 'Ruined' As Neighbour Mows Grass

Woman's Garden Wedding 'Ruined' As Neighbour Mows Grass

Woman's Garden Wedding 'Ruined' As Neighbour Mows Grass

Woman's Garden Wedding 'Ruined' As Neighbour Mows Grass

A TikToker has claimed that a woman’s garden wedding was ‘ruined’ after a neighbour decided to mow her lawn during the ceremony.

The video creator, who appeared to be a guest at the couple’s wedding, explained how their backyard ceremony was hit with noise pollution after one nearby ‘Karen’ decided to purposely mow her lawn and ‘yell at us to ruin the wedding’.

Watch the nuptials-ruining moment here:



Soon, onlookers took to the comments to share their thoughts on the ‘unkind’ neighbour, who was located in close proximity to the ceremony.

“Wow, how sad people can be so miserable to cause such disturbance,” one viewer lamented.

“Hope you had a huge celebration and blasted the tunes to the wee hours,” someone else penned. Congrats beautiful bride.”

“The amount of rage I have rn,” another viewer added.


A different person wrote: “I don’t get how someone could be so spiteful. It’s really sad to watch.”

Meanwhile, others discussed the ways they could have the last laugh against the ‘Karen’. 

Woman's Garden Wedding 'Ruined' As Neighbour Mows Grass

“Now I’d be committed to randomly ringing her doorbell at 3 am at least once a week for eternity,” one person quipped.


“I would have cranked up the music later that evening,” another added. “She probably just hates herself and he life so trying to ruin someone’s special day.”

“Well, I would have put some Slipknot on full blast after the ceremony,” someone else joked.

Meanwhile, the creator of the video explained how she attempted to prevent the woman from continuing to make the noise during the ceremony, but it was to little avail.

“Yes we went up to her. No, she was not kind, not everyone has a reason to be a c***, some people are just rude like that. It’s truly unfortunate,” she wrote at the top of the comments section.


Woman's Garden Wedding 'Ruined' As Neighbour Mows Grass

Elsewhere, another couple has divided the internet with their list of very strict wedding day rules.

A copy of the couple’s rules was uploaded to Reddit alongside a skull emoji and the caption: “She asked for feedback on her wedding rules.”

The more controversial rules came at the top of the list and included a blanket ban on children at the ceremony and a requirement to pay for your seat if you RSVP and don’t show. 


The bride had also banned people from wearing any other colour other than black to her big day, while anyone who wasn’t in the bridal party wasn’t allowed to touch her dress. You can read more on the couple’s rules here.

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