Home Style Shein Shoppers Baffled By Bum-Baring Denim Shorts

Shein Shoppers Baffled By Bum-Baring Denim Shorts

Shein Shoppers Baffled By Bum-Baring Denim Shorts

Shein Shoppers Baffled By Bum-Baring Denim Shorts

Fashion obsessives have been left baffled by a pair of viral Shein short shorts with a twist.

The £16 denim garment has caught the attention of shoppers for all the wrong reasons.

At the back of the shorts – which leave very little to the imagination – the buttocks region is cut open and at the front, where you would normally expect to have pockets, with the shorts also coming with slits.

Shein Shoppers Baffled By Bum-Baring Denim Shorts

Confused fashionistas have shared pictures of the shorts on social media and it seems not everyone is game for wearing the eye-catching garment.

One unimpressed Facebook user shared a picture of the shorts and quipped: “Here’s another daft 2022 fashion. Anyone fancy getting their arse out.”

Someone replied: “My mate sent it to me I said it would look like two watermelons if I put them on”.

One woman, who apparently stumbled upon the shorts after seeing an ad on her Facebook page, shared: “If cheek tanning is your thang! SHEIN obviously thinks it’s mine – but how did they know?!!”


While another woman thought the shorts were hilarious, writing: “Anyone looking to buy new shorts??? LOL #SheinDoesItAgain”.

Shein Shoppers Baffled By Bum-Baring Denim Shorts

In a state of disbelief, one Facebook user posted a screenshot of the shorts on the Shein website and wrote: “There’s no way”.

“Anyone else gonna buy these,” another social media user asked. “I think I need a pair”.


If you’re looking to grab a pair before the summer ends you’ll have to act fast because the shorts are almost sold out, with XL being the only size remaining at the time of writing.

In true Shein fashion, a swimsuit from the online retailer went viral last week for all the wrong reasons.

The Backless Ring Linked One Piece Swimsuit is reserved for the boldest fashionistas because it has a rather extreme design.

The sparkly material has been cut into a low-cut top with high cut legs.


In fact, the leg openings are cut so high, people on social media are convinced it must be extremely painful to wear, thanks to its barely-there crotch design.

Some women commented that the design was bound to cause a ‘front wedgie’

“Thongs are bad enough. But please this is a step too far,” while another said: “Don’t sneeze.”

Another person joked: “That’s asking for a yeast infection.”

Featured Image Credit: Shein

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