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Viewers Left 'Disappointed' By Purple Hearts Ending

Viewers Left 'Disappointed' By Purple Hearts Ending

Viewers Left 'Disappointed' By Purple Hearts Ending

is the new enemies to lovers film that’s got a lot of people talking, but some fans of the Netflix flick have been left disappointed by the ending.

It follows the story of a struggling singer-songwriter with ailing health who enters into a faux marriage with a marine so she can take advantage of his medical insurance. Watch below:


The film’s official synopsis reads: “In spite of their many differences, Cassie [Sofia Carson], a struggling singer-songwriter, and Luke [Nicholas Galitzine], a troubled marine, agree to marry solely for military benefits. But when tragedy strikes, the line between real and pretend begins to blur.”


Since the film’s release on July 28, it has been topping the Netflix charts, but it has not been without controversy – with some social media users slamming the flick for glamorising the military.

Viewers of the film have also taken to social media to complain about its ending, with one Twitter user writing: “WHAT WAS THAT ENDING TF [sic].”

” ain’t even all that… the ending literally sucks,” added a second viewer.


“Sorry but had a trash ending,” wrote a third, while a fourth remarked: ” was terrible, I don’t understand the hype… that ending was awful.”

However, not everyone was so critical, even if they were left dissatisfied by the ending.

Another Twitter user wrote: ” did not give me the ending i wanted I WANT TO SEE MORE [sic].”

A second agreed, writing: ” 10 out of MF 10!!! The ending p**sed me off but it was amazing. I didn’t cry tho would let myself [sic].”


“I give Purple Hearts at 8.5 I didn’t like the ending,” wrote a third.

Viewers Left 'Disappointed' By Purple Hearts Ending

But despite the criticism of the film’s ending, it has a strong Rotten Tomatoes audience rating of 80 percent but a relatively poor critical score of 38 percent.

Claire Shaffer of The New York Times, slammed the plot and the acting abilities of its lead characters.


She wrote: “The film wallows in contrived plots and subplots, made worse by the dearth of chemistry between the two leads.”

The alleged lack of chemistry between the main characters was also criticised by Luke Y. Thompson of AV Club, who wrote: “Carson and Galitzine are beautiful people – presumably one of the film’s primary draws – but their love scenes convey neither heat nor emotional substance, and consequently aren’t much fun to watch.”

What did you think of ? Is the criticism justified or is it a worthy Netflix chart-topper?

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